Gioia by Occhio

Sculptural and mobile

Inspiration – Culture of Light

With the new Gioia luminaire series, Occhio is opening a new chapter in its own design history. Sculptural design, almost limitless mobility and highly functional lighting in one product: Gioia by Occhio is nothing less than a modern lighting innovation.


Exclusive beauty in radiant perfection

It is not possible to overestimate how important light is for our living spaces, but also for our well-being. It can flatter, dazzle, lift our spirits and is existentially important for our lives. As designer and founder of Occhio, Axel Meise is very aware of this. With his company Occhio he stands for lighting products that meet the highest demands in their high design and lighting quality and offer an optimal solution for every space. The new table and reading lamp series Gioia is the latest innovation of the Munich-based manufacturer.

Gioia: Impressively mobile

Sculptural, of undeniable presence and yet highly functional are the three models of the new collection – this applies to the floor lamp as well as to the two desk lamps. The expansive design of Gioia equilibrio (equilibrio is Italian for ‘balance’) creates new, exciting figures in every position. In addition, Gioia equilibrio is almost free to move in any direction, up or down – without any resistance at all. Thus, the light is always directed exactly where it is needed.

It is recurring elements, surfaces and shapes that make up Occhio’s harmonious, unified design language. The characteristic ring-shaped lamp head seems to dance on the body of the Gioia lamps, and yet the complex mechanism that makes this fascinating dynamic possible remains completely hidden from the eye of the beholder.

Refined technology in classic Occhio design

The modern, precise and charming shape of the Gioia series is only one feature among many. In addition, some sophistication is hidden in the technology. The powerful light of the “Gioia equilibrio” is switched, dimmed or directed upwards from below with simple hand movements, without having to touch the lamp head. This intuitive operability runs through the entire collection; Gioia equilibrio, Gioia tavolo and Gioia lettura are operated by gesture control or via the Occhio air app connected via Bluetooth.

The light color can also be intuitively adjusted in this way: The color temperature range extends from 2700 to 4000 Kelvin and can thus be optimally adjusted to the time of day. With the focus light function, the light from Gioia can be focused on a specific area – ideal for relaxed reading or working in the evening. If the height of the luminaire is changed, a close and focused or a distant and diffuse light can be produced. Whether floor or table lamp, in all Gioia models there is innovative technology from Occhio, which makes them very special light objects for demanding rooms and users.

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