Find a design consultant who understands you

Interior design is a very personal topic. It feels good to have someone by your side, whom you can trust and who understands you. That’s why you should definitely ask for your favourite interior design consultant when you visit our store.

“Interior design and above all the project business are my passions and have shaped me from the beginning.”

Thomas Mathes MBA, Owner

“For me, interior design means keeping an eye on the details.”

Sabine Mathes Consultant & Head of Home & Accessories

“I am always committed to a smart solution and teamwork.”

Ron Puts ppa., Sales Home & Business

“As an interior designer, the charming thing for me is to translate the client’s language into his premises.”

Esther Perdikaris Dipl. Ing. Architecture, Planer & Head of Interior Architecture Business

„I find the material wood particularly impressive. No other material is so versatile and changeable.”

Patrick Schaffrath Sales Business 

“I believe that every piece of furniture has a personality and must suit to its future owner. That’s why I like to advise my customers passionately.”

Bodo Mund Interior Design Consultant Outlet

“There are so many beautiful products that inspire me. Classics like the Saarinen table or the LC3 armchair have been my passion since the 70s.”

Marion Marx Interior Design Consultant Home

“Through a certain colour or combination of different materials and furniture, a room can generate a very special attraction.”

Marlena Mendez Sales Business

“For me, the challenge in interior design is to always be open to new ideas.”

Joris Tummers Creative Director, Planner Interior Architecture Home & Business

“I love being able to draw from the abundance of products and materials to develop highly customized solutions for and with the customer.”

Brigitte Balser Dipl. Ing. FH Interior Architecture, Interior Design Consultant Home

“I am fascinated by brands like USM Haller – timeless, flexible and above all sustainable products that move with the times.”

Raphael Hagemann ppa., Sales Business

“Interior design is my passion, I love the combination of creative and functional work.”

Sandy Meysters Dipl. Interior Architecture, Planner Home & Business

“The unique attraction of our exhibition for me is the variety of products and the different combinations.”

Tom Cohnen ppa. Dipl. Ing. Interior Architecture, Consultant & Head of Home

“I love creative challenges and I’m an expert on fast, individual and uncomplicated solutions.”

Sabine Laufenberg Freelance Planner & Interior Architect

“It gives me great pleasure to work with my customers to find the right interior design concept.”

Bea Goormans Dipl. Interior Architecture, Interior Design Consultant Home

“I enjoy being at the customer’s side bringing their own taste to the product selection and planning.“

Anja Liersch Sales Business & Consulting

“Textiles may be just one detail of a setting, but they can enhance a room’s ambiance in ways that other materials can’t.”

Nicole Reiter Consultant Home & Textile

“For me, the appealing thing about interior design is that you can influence people’s mood and well-being.”

Sabine Thomé Sales Business

“I enjoy being at the customer’s side bringing their own taste to the product selection and planning.”

Marika Küpper Interior Design Consultant Home

“I always look at facilities in a holistic way. It is important for me to create an atmosphere. This includes furniture as well as textiles.”

Agi Frenken Interior Design Consultant Home & Textiles

“A satisfied customer makes me happy, which is why direct exchange is very important to me.”

Wolfgang Körner ppa., Sales Business & Head of Consulting

“The direct customer interaction is very exciting for me and I love the variety our store offers.”

Jessica Erkelenz Consultant Home & Accessoires

“I have a great passion for light and luminaires. The right light source gives every room its appropriate atmosphere.”

Ute Karduck-Schnitzer Interior and Lighting Design Consultant Outlet

“For me, the details are not just the details, they define the design.”

Charlotte Pitsch Dipl. Architecture, Planner & Interior Achitecture Business


“I’ve always been inspired by classic and shapely products.”

Manfred Lennartz Dipl. Designer, USM-Expert & Sales Business

“For me, consulting customers is a very individual thing and I value intensive communication.”

Elisabeth Roosen MBA Interior Achitecture, Interior Design Consultant Home

“Light is a very personal sensation. For this reason, my goal is to combine functionality, design and passion in such a way that an individual concept is created for the customer.”

Claudia Weiss Lighting Consultant Home & Business

“With some products it’s just love at first sight. For me, for example, it was the Sento Sospeso by Occhio.”

Bruni Hüttenrauch Lighting Consultant Home & Business

“The Bulb table lamp by Ingo Maurer is my favourite product – simple, functional, simply beautiful.”

Christine Niemann Lighting Consultant Home & Business

“I like the combination of creative and structured work.”

Ute Minten Consultant Home & Accessoires

“In my work as a planner, I am often inspired by geometry, contemporary design and clean lines.”

Giulia Gradißen Planner, Interior Architecture Home & Business

“Consulting for outdoor furniture is my passion. I find the combination of individual materialities particularly exciting.”

Justin Haarstrick Interior Designer Home

“In the overall planning of interior design, I find it important to work with contrasts. Contrasts in color and material, which makes each design stand out more.“

Thomas Jansen  Dipl. Designer, Interior Consultant Outlet

Furnishings, like clothes, say a lot about the owner’s personality, so it’s very important to me to sense my clients’ tastes and styles and to engage with them.

Claudia Decker-Schönbrod Dipl. Fashion Designer, Interior Consultant Outlet

„I follow the latest interior trends, but also love the timeless classics. Most of the time it’s a mix of these two components.“

Özgür Cora Consultant Home

“Good design focuses on well-being within context, process, and detail in terms of our social world.”

Salvatore Caltabellotta Planner, Interior Designer Home

“Encounter is feeling. And in the end, it is experiences that define us. Designing a stylish home where these encounters are experienced is my goal.”

Jonas Lillpopp Furnishing Consultant Home

“Jedes Projekt ist eine Synthese aus der Persönlichkeit des Kunden und meiner Liebe für Schönheit, Details und Funktionalität und erzählt eine einzigartige Geschichte.”

Alexandra Vladu Planner, Interior Architecture Home

“Designs that outlast trends, inspire with value and endure over generations with outstanding quality – that’s sustainability for me. Discovering this potential in modern classics as well is a particularly exciting part of my work.”

Robert Lehmann Interior Designer

“Having the freedom to think and design creatively is my passion and what makes Mathes special. To create new, exciting worlds in the team again and again inspires me every day.”

Lea Domgörgen Visual Merchandiser

“My curiosity is your opportunity! Creating inspiring work environments where people feel comfortable and can develop their potential.”

Adrienne Quint Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architecture, Head of Consulting New Work

“Developing user-oriented functional and aesthetic solutions that improve the quality of life is something I see as an exciting challenge in my profession.”

Marie Hemmers Interior Designer

“Due to the special and diverse exhibition at Mathes, the furnishing consultation of customers is always exciting and varied.”

Christian Alders Certified Furnishing Consultant

“Developing user-oriented functional and aesthetic solutions that improve the quality of life is something I see as an exciting challenge in my profession.”

Marie Hemmers Interior Designer