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Mathes Outlet Produkte Bett Frisco

Condition: New
Style: Fabric, black feet
Colour: Light Grey
Dimensions: Reclining area 180x200 cm
WHD 212 x 38/100 x 230 cm

10 pieces in stock


    1,056€ 899€

    Mathes Outlet Produkte Walter Knoll Liz Stuhl

    Condition: Exhibition piece
    Style: Leather Congress 1399
    Colour: Dark bronze, white decorative seam
    Dimensions: WHD 59 x 89 x 62

    2 pieces in stock

      Walter Knoll
      Liz Wood Chair

      1,520€ 750€

      Mathes Outlet Produkte Hay About A Lounge Chair

      Condition: Exhibition piece
      Style: Fabric Harald
      Colour: Dark green velvet
      Dimensions: 76 x 81/36 x 73
      Swivel base

      Ready to take home

        About a Lounge Chair


        Mathes Outlet Produkte Tisch Row

        Condition: Exhibition piece
        Farbe: Oak, frame matt black
        Dimensions: WHD 120 x 74 x 120 cm

          ROW 120

          1,247€ 999€

          Mathes Outlet Produkte Sideboard 162

          Condition: Exhibition piece
          Style: Light grey fabric
          Dimensions: WHD 93 x 67 x 93 cm


            4,610€ 3,590€

            Mathes Outlet Produkte Sessel 163

            Condition: Exhibition piece
            Style: Armchair 141   
            Colour: dark brown
            Dimensions: WHD 78 x 70 x 80 cm

              Freistil Rolf Benz Armchair

              1,656€ 849€

              Mathes Outlet Sofa Freistil 186

              Condition: New
              Style: Black frame
              Colour: Grey
              Dimensions: WHD 212 x 38/100 x 230 cm

              2 pieces in stock

                Sofa Freistill 186

                2,995€ 1,790€

                Mathes Outlet Tisch Copenhague CPH30

                Condition: Exhibition piece, slight signs of usage
                Style: Matt oak frame
                Colour: Lino Grey
                Dimensions: WHD 200 x 74 x 90

                  HAY Table CPH30

                  1,429€ 890€

                  Mathes Outlet Produkte Per Weiss Sessel

                  Condition: Exhibition piece
                  Style: Fabric 216 flashtex
                  Colour: Dark grey
                  Dimensions: Reclining area: 90 x 115 cm

                    Per Weiss
                    Armchair 20014

                    185€ 1,999€

                    Mathes Outlet Produkte Tisch Houe

                    Condition: Exhibition piece
                    Style: Oak frame with linoleum tabletop
                    Colour: Anthracite & oak
                    Dimensions: LHD 160 x 75 x 90 cm

                    2 pieces in stock


                      1,204€ 599€

                      Mathes Outlet Produkte Tisch Seito

                      Condition: Exhibition piece
                      Style: Quartz stone table top, solid walnut frame
                      Colour: White, natural oiled wood
                      Dimensions: LHD 240 x 75 x 108 cm

                        Walter Knoll
                        Seito Table 2752

                        6,592€ 4,950€

                        Pomba Regal

                        Condition: New
                        Style: Modular System
                        Colour:  Oak
                        Dimensions: BHT 181 x 224 x 34 cm

                          Shelf Pomba

                          1,287€ 1,129€

                          Mathes Outlet Produkte Sofa Quattro

                          Condition: Exhibition piece
                          Style: 3 seater leather
                          Colour: Stone
                          Dimensions: WHD 205 x 42/78 x 102 cm


                            3,175€ 1,995€

                            Mathes Outlet Produkte Koozo Sessel Denis

                            Condition: Exhibition piece
                            Style: Chrome, fabric cover
                            Colour: Grey
                            Dimensions: WHD 129 x 71 x 98 cm

                              Armchair Dennis

                              1,247€ 999€

                              Mathes Outlet Produkte Fortepiano

                              Condition: Exhibition pieces
                              Style: Three-part Molteni wall concept
                              Colour: Elm wood and pebble grey
                              Dimensions: WHD concept dimension: 260 x 130 x 50 cm

                                Storage board

                                3,204€ 1,699€