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Designer furniture at the best prices. Every day in our outlet in Aachen.

Whether living, office, lighting, outdoor, accessories or lifestyle products, in the Mathes Outlet you will find excellent second hand and exhibition products at special offer prices. Just like in our showroom, you can rely on the expertise and creativity of our furnishing specialists when shopping and planning.


Current offers

Dimensions: H 56 cm; SH 45 cm;  Ø 56 cm 

Design: fabric 7001 Stoner o1

Bogie with plastic glides F05 black

Heavily stained

Single piece

Swivel armchair with disc base

2.184€ 990€

Dimensions: W 58 x D 58  x H 90 cm

Design: Fabric cover

Swivel base steel, black powder-coated

Single piece

Chair Catch

851€ 699€

Dimensions: W 70 x D 90  x H 83 cm

Design: fabric Trevira grey
Single piece

Armchair Foliage

1274€ 889€

Dimensions: W 50 x D 52,2 x H 84,5 cm; Seat height: 42,5cm; Seat depth: 44cm

Design: fabric Hopsak anthracite

Single piece

Chair EA 101

1.543€ 999€

Dimensions: W 190 x D 86 x H 60 cm; Seat height: 41 cm
Design: Fabric Manila black

Couch table Litt

2.549€ 1.325€

Dimensions: W 68 x D 68 x H 77/89 cm
Frame: chrome
Seat, back and arm rests: Beech, black
Wheels: stained soft, chrome plated
Single piece

Sofa Mags

2.494€ 1.399€

Dimensions: W 228 x D 95,5 x H 60 cm; Seat height: 40 cm

Design: fabric Harald black

Single piece

Mags sofa 2,5 seats

2.558€ 1.590€

Dimensions: W 77 x D 62 x H 73 cm
Design: Wood, black, laquered
Single piece

Armchair Bernard

1999€ 999€

Dimensions: W 64 x D 71 x H 75 cm

Design: Leather S-Afrika

Color: Beige

Available in different fabrics and leather

Armchair Tina

820€ 699€

Design: Maharam fabric Double Triangle
Underframe: high gloss, chrome

Single piece

Stool S411H

1.525€ 490€

Dimensions: W 200 x D 92 x H 69 cm
Design: fabric light gray
Lying surface: W 200 x D 100cm

Schlafsofa Daybe

2.870€ 1.890€

Design: Ash nature
Back: Black
2 pieces available


395€ 249€

Dimensions: W 69 x D 74,5 x H 74 cm
Design: Fabric
Color: Beige
State: Exhibit

Armchair Colina M

1.607€ 990€

Singel piece

State: Exhibit

Diesel Stud bar stool high

661€ 299€

Dimensions: W 120 x H 120 cm
Design: glass
Motiv: “Flower Lady”
State: New

Flower Lady Picture

269€ 229€

Dimensions: W 49 x D 55 x H 82,5 cm
Design: fabric
Colour: black, gray
5 pieces available

State: Exhibit

Soft Shell

509€ 429€

Dimensions: W 240 x D 100 x H 64 cm
Design: fabric petrol
Incl. 4 pillows

State: Exhibit

Romeo 3 seats sofa

11.386€ 4.999

Dimensions: W 170 x D 90 x H 73cm

Textile: Hunt PG. G

Color 47 Nero


Chaise Longue Anderson Slim

4.995€ 3.590€

Dimensions: W 226 x D 91 x H 77cm
Design: Fabric
Colour: mustard
State: New

Suny Sofa


Dimensions: W 60,2 x D 60,2 x H 77,5 cm
Design: Oak
Colour: Black/ brown
2 pieces available

State: Exhibit

Tabouret Haut

700€ 390€

Dimensions: 115 x D 210 x H 79 cm
Design: fabric, chrome
Colour: gray
State: Exhibit

Splitback sofa bed

1.096€ 899€

Dimensions: W 84 x D 78 x H 80 cm
Design: leather
Condition: Exhibit

Winston Armchair with stool

5.550€ 1.900€

Dimensions: W 212 x D 230 x H 41/103 cm
Design: Fabrics
Colour: light grey
State: new

Bett Frisco


Dimensions: W 43 x D 84 x H 52 cm
Design: bentwood chair with hollow seat, natural beech TP 17, stained
State: Exhibit

1 piece available

Chair 214

714€ 499€

Dimensions: W 90 x D 92 x H 96 cm;

Design: textile inner cover Ellissa N 1171

exterior cover Eldorado N 1551

Incl. pillows

Metal frame: satin, rotatable

Maralunga sofa 3 seats


7.806€ 3.900€

Dimensions: W 186 x H 73 x D 90 cm


Textile Velvet Hunt PG. G

Color 47 Nero

State: Exhibit

Sofa Anderson Slim

5.490€ 3.990€

Frame: 091 Jade
Tapes 425 Emerald
Seat cushions: Lagoon 276
Back cushions: 275 Rainforest

State: Exhibit


1.895 1.299€

Design: Table top: Wood ash
Underframe: Black, lacquered

Objekte unsere Tage
Couchtable Yilmaz

440€ 150€

Design: leather Grace

8 pieces available

State: Exhibit

Fritz Hansen
Chair Serie 7

1.182€ 479€

Design: fabric
Color: Green

1 piece available

State: Exhibit

Softshell Chair

837 599€

Dimensions: L 300 cm
Design: oak

State: Exhibit

Bench Zita

3.449€ 2.449€

Dimensions: W 295 x D 105/195 x H 80 cm

Seat height 41cm

Construction: fabric tender

Condition: showroom piece

Corner sofa combo

2.971€ 1.990€

Dimensions: H 1776 cm
Design: glossy white
Material: Aluminium, glass, metal

Spun Floor Lamp

1.511€ 1.199€

Dimensions: W 120 x D 75 x H 40 cm
Design: Chrome / marble white

In stock

Couch table Gleam

909€ 799€

Dimensions: Ø 25 cm
Design: Brassmatt

State: Exhibit

Florian Schulz
Table lamp Ora

1.193€ 499€

Dimensions: W 75 x D 75 x H 40 cm
Design: Chrome / marble white

In stock

Couch table Gleam

550 499€

Dimensions: H 125 cm
Design: Black

2 pieces available

excl. illuminant

Fritz Hansen
Kaiser Idell Floor Lamp

719€ 499€

Dimensions: W 303 x D 50 x H 47 cm
Design: Matt, varnished

2 flaps & 2 drawers

San Giacomo

5.181€ 2.990€

Dimensions: W 80 x D 46 x H 112 cm
Design: bordeaux, lacquered

Price per cupboard

Display cabinet

2.799€ 1.990€

Dimensions: W 210 x D 80 x H 104 cm 
Foot: Black

Fabric: Lido Trend Chrystal

incl. 3 cushions, 60 x 40 cm

Possible to order in various fabric covers

Alcoven Queens

1.490€ 1.339€

Dimensions: W 197 x D 101 x H 85 cm
Frame: Matt, light gray, lacquered

Weave: Pepper

Cushion: Twist Sand

State: Exhibit

M Barq Sofa 3-sitzer

7.100€ 4.990€

Upholstery cover: Fabric, gray
Frame: Black


2.299€ 1.199€

Dimensions: W 160 x D 80 x H 72/108 cm

Height adjustable

Feet: Black

Schreibtisch Flex

2.203€ 1590€

Fabric: Leather, gray

Frame: Aluminium

Rocker-tilt mechanism

State: Exhibit

Nais           Funktionsessel Amsterdam

3.490€ 2.495€

Foot: Rilsan, white
Table top: Laminate, white

State: Slightly damaged

Knoll International
Esstisch Saarinen

2.427€ 1.490€

Dimensions: W 280 x D 100 x H 110 cm
Feet : Tubular steel, lacquered, black

Table top: Oak mono coat 05

Bartisch Obelyx

2.890€ 2.390€

Dimensions: W 120 x D 66,9 cm
Seat height: 40cm
Seat and back cushions fabric: velour

Harto                            Bank Eustache

1.180€ 490€

Dimensions: W 300 x D 100 x H 75 cm

Table top: Smoked oak, white, limed

Frame: Copper, brushed

Esstisch SC58

5.274€ 3.990€

Dimensions: W 80 x D 84 x H 68 cm

Seat height: 40cm

Fabric: WE 773 Rosa Ant.

Underframe: Black

State: Exhibit

Drehsessel Elain

3.003€ 1.990€

Dimensions: W 325 x D 127/300 x H 86 cm

Seat height: 44 cm

Fabric: Prime Platinum (PG 8)

State: Exhibit

Nais                              Sofakombination Luzern

3.666€ 2.890€

Dimensions: W 83 x D 91 x H 44/103 cm

Fabric cover: Caleido light gray (PG II)

Incl. neck cushion and stool

State: Exhibit

Ohrensessel Elsa mit Hocker

1.416€ 890€

Frame: Tubular steel chromed “tube aplati”, stackable, wickerwork
Color: Honey incl. felt glider transparent

State: Exhibit

Kragstuhl B25

749€  250€

Underframe: chrome

Cover: fabric

4 pieces available

State: Exhibit

Drehstuhl Catifa 53

792€ 595€ pro Stuhl

Fabric covre: Hallingdak 840

State: Exhibit

Sessel AAL82

1,235€ 599€

Frame: wood, black, lacquered
Seat surface: natural wicker
3 pieces available
price per piece

State: Exhibit

Vincent Sheppard
Titus Ding Chair

474€  349€

Underframe: chrome
Cover: leather, black

State: Brand new with a small damage on one foot

Lobby Chair

5,770€ 4.590€

Dimensions: W 300 x D 109 x T 34 cm
Color: Light grey
Folding doors


New Order Regal

3.398€ 899€