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Designer furniture at the best prices. Every day in the outlet in Aachen.

Home, office, lighting, outdoor, accessory and lifestyle products: the Mathes Outlet offers excellent seconds and exhibits at special prices. And just like at our showroom, you can count on the expertise and creativity of our interior design specialists to assist you, when you are shopping at our outlet store.


Current offers

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: Fabrics
Colour: tan
Dimensions: WHD 69 x 74 x 74,5 cm

Arper Armchair Colina M

1.607€ 990€

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: Metal
Colour: midnight blue
Dimensions: WHD 27,5 x 130 x 32,5 cm

Louis Poulsen AJ Lamp

910€ 699€

Condition: Exihibition Piece

About A LoungeChair

1.199€ 699€

Condition: Exhibition piece
Design: Volo Tan leather
Dimensions: WHD 62 x 95 x 120 cm

Designer: Mies van der Rohe

Knoll International
MR Lounge Liege

9.559€ 6.990€

Design: leather, metal
Maße: DM 40 cm Seat height: 70 cm

Diesel Stud bar stool high

661€ 429€

Condition: New
Finish: glass
Motiv: "Flower Lady"
Dimensions: WHD 100 x 100 cm

Mathes Flower Lady Picture

269€ 229€

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: fabrics
Colour: black, gray
Dimensions: WHD 49 x 82,5 x 55 cm

5 pieces in stock

Vitra Soft Shell

509€ 429€

Textile: Graphit
Incl. 4 cushions

State: Exposition piece

Romeo 3 seats sofa

11.386€ 5.690

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: linoleum top, wooden frame
Colour: grey
Dimensions: WHD 200x74,4x 95 cm


Norman Copenhagen
Form table

1.764€ 950€

Condition: New to order
Finish: Fabric
Colour: mustard
Dimensions: WHD 226 x 77 x 91 cm

Mathes Sofa Suny


Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: oak
Colour: dark oak
Dimensions: WHD 60,2x 77,5 x 60,2 cm

6 pieces in stock

Vitra Tabouret Haut

700€ 590€

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: fabric, chrome
Colour: gray
Dimensions: WHD 115 x 79 x 210 cm

Mathes Splitback Sofa bed

1.096€ 899€

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Cover: leather
Dimensions: WHD 84 x 80 x 78 cm

Winston Armchair with stool

5.550€ 1.900€

Condition: new to order
Finish: Fabrics
Colour: light - grey
Dimensions: WHD 212x41/103x230cm

Mathes Bed Frisco


Condition: Exhibition Piece
Finish: bentwood chair with hollow seat, natural beech TP 17, stained
Dimensions: WHD 43 x 52 x 84 cm

2 available

Chair 214

714€ 499€

Dimensions: W 225 x D 90 x H 110 cm

Maralunga 3 seats Sofa


7.806€ 3.900€

Condition: Exhibition Piece
Style: fabrics
Colour: black, grey
Dimensions: WHD 49 x 82,5 x 55 cm

5 pcs. in stock

Objekte unserer Tage Yilmaz coffee table

440€ 349€

Frame: 091 Jade
Tapes 425 Emerald
Seat cushions: Lagoon 276
Back cushions: 275 Rainforest

State: Exposition piece


1.895 1.299€

Finish: leather
Color: Grey

2 pcs. on stock

Condition: Exhibition piece

Jalis Chairs

1.735€ 869€

Finish: Heather

4 pcs. on stock

Condition: Exhibition piece

Fritz Hansen
Chair Butterfly

1.182€ 899€

Finish: fabrics
Color: Green

5 pcs. at stock

Condition: Exhibition PIece

Softshell Chair

837 599€

Dimension: L 300 cm
Finish: oak

Condition: Exhibition Piece

Bench Zita

3.449€ 2.449€

Dimension: H 40, Ø 51,3 cm
Finish: Untreated aluminum

Condition: Exihibition Piece

Rivet sidetabel

663€ 299€

Condition: Exhibition Piece

Jan Kurtz
Cubus table

204 122€