Wishbone Chair by Ilse Crawford

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CH24 Soft Edition

Carl Hansen celebrates more than 70 years of collaboration with Hans J. Wegner with a new Ilse Crawford limited edition color palette. 9 colors in 9 months – until December 2022 a new color will be released at the beginning of the month. Exclusively there is a 3+1 action with us – buy 4 chairs and pay only three.
The deep and complex colors are inspired by Danish artist Per Kirkeby and allude to the rugged beauty of the Nordic landscape. The colors are environmentally friendly and water-based, all seats are hand-woven from paper cord.

Hans J. Wegner

Hans J. Wegner is considered one of the most creative, innovative and prolific Danish furniture designers. Wegner is often referred to as the “master of chairs” – and he created nearly 500 chairs in his lifetime, many of which are considered masterpieces. He is probably best known for his iconic Wishbone Chair, which has been in continuous production since 1950. At the core of Wegner’s legacy is his desire to bring the inner qualities – the soul – of furniture to the outside world, where simplicity and functionality can be appreciated.

9 months, 9 colors

The nine colors will be launched individually each month from March to December. March – Pewter, April – Hollyhock, May – Barley, July – Seaweed, August – Terracotta, September – Clay, October – North Sea, November – Slate, December – Falu
“They’re not standard colors dictated by the trends of the day, but hues that add depth and complexity to any decor.” Ilse Crawford
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