Urban Jungle in Berlin

A new home for the Beko Käuferportal


The idea was an environment that would reflect the creativity and drive of the people working at Beko Käuferportal. They wanted an attractive workplace with plenty of space. We developed an interior concept reminiscent of a jungle – in the middle of Berlin. It offers diversity, represents constant change and has an inviting feel-good factor.

Mathes Magazin Businesscase Urban Jungle

The main challenge here was to create an open plan office structure that would invite exchange. Communication routes were shortened and the previously very divided room structure was almost entirely removed. New stairwells were installed between the various floors to bring employees closer together. Employee lounges were created as the centrepiece of each floor. Coffee points are dotted around for break times with a good cup of coffee. Separate meeting rooms and think tanks for each department offer retreats for conferences and group concentration.

From luxury to urban jungle

This project required all the know-how of the entire Mathes team. There were various areas with very distinct requirements, but they all needed to come together and fit into the overall jungle theme. That included benches, carpets, curtains, clever lighting concepts and some custom carpentry as well. And with everything going on, there was one aspect we could never lose sight of: The budget. The result is a resounding success story – see for yourself.

"The team and I thoroughly enjoyed this project. It was exciting to see our ideas and those of the customer coming together to create a unique look."

Sabine Thomé, Sales Business

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Photography: Paul Rossaint, Art Direction: yella park