The Mathes Store

A place for inspiration

Behind the Scenes

It all begins with an idea. A vision of what your home or office could look like. And how it would feel. You will find new and exciting interior design ideas at our Mathes Store in Aachen every time you visit – to help you make your dreams a reality.

A highly motivated team of interior design professionals is continuously working on new display concepts with plenty of passion. They make sure that you will always have new, creative and diverse ideas to take home with you for inspiration. A lot of people are hard at work creating concepts and putting together the various displays in our Mathes showroom. They come up with new looks and show some of the most trendy new designer pieces and collections on the 2,500 square metres of our shop floor. 

We offer you a rare and exclusive look behind the scenes. You get an opportunity to look over our shoulder while we work and become acquainted with Angie Seipp. She is our exhibition planner and hails from Berlin.

"You want to get your idea across as authentic as possible, so people can imagine it in their own home."

Art Director, Angelika Seipp