Light for long summer nights

Outdoor lights for your favorite place


Das eigene Zuhause und vor allem der Outdoor area is valued much more in recent years. Many manufacturers of outdoor collections have responded to this trend, resulting in a wide variety of outdoor furniture. But above all, the right lighting should not be missing in the design of the terrace. Only a pleasant light makes a room look really inviting and cozy. So why not create this atmosphere outside! Here we tell you which products our consultants prefer to use in order to make this wish come true. 
Light has the ability to increase our quality of life 
In summer, much of life takes place in your own garden or on your own balcony. Here the family meets and it is celebrated with friends. All the more important that a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere prevails. Here, the right outdoor lighting brings life to the nighttime darkness and turns warm summer nights into unforgettable moments to remember. Because one thing is certain, light is not only needed for working, reading or learning. You also need light to relax. Only with the right lighting can you create a pleasant, warm atmosphere in which you can feel good. Light has a great impact on the well-being of us humans and therefore plays a major role in our lives. For outdoor use, there are numerous lights with different, expressive designs. These can be easily combined with the perhaps already existing garden furniture or even integrated into their environment as such.
Not all luminaires are the same
The Meridiano by Marset not only provides light for your outdoor space, but can also be used as a stool or side table. Designed by Jordi Vilardell and Meritxell Vidal, this lamp can easily be converted into a stool or side table without any effort, so that all your guests can find a place and enjoy the time together. In addition, the lamp gives off a cozy and warm light that gives long summer nights a very special feeling. Due to the graceful shape and the refined rod structure, the lamp not only looks wonderfully playful, it also produces a great shadow play while providing a diffuse light distribution. However, if you are looking for a more straightforward, cool style, the decision will undoubtedly fall on the EMPTY, which also comes from MARSET and was designed by Xuclà. Due to its shape and color, it fits effortlessly into any environment. The clearly defined corners and edges give the lamp an architectural look. Due to its concrete look, the luminaire harmonizes both in nature and in cities.
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World-renowned manufacturers such as, TRIBÙ, RODA and DEDON, in addition to outdoor furniture, also produce outdoor lamps, which visually complete the picture at the end.  The battery lamp POLLOW by RODA is visually comparable to a pillow and looks light and transparent due to the light fabric cover. Due to the integrated loops, the lamp can be easily carried from one place to another and gives off warm as well as cold light. So it is excellent for warm summer nights. The lamp MONSIEUR TRICOT of TRIBÙ is also powered by a rechargeable battery, which allows to change the location of the lamp without further ado. The net that covers the entire lamp reminds of a fishing net, which is associated with summer and sea.  The lamp EYELET by DEDON is also a real eye-catcher. This hand-woven outdoor lamp produces a great shadow play in their environment, which stimulates the imagination. In addition, it charges all by itself through solar energy, so you no longer have to worry about charging the battery yourself and can change the location of the battery light at any time and without any problems. 
„The right outdoor lighting for the patio is just as important as the well planned lounge area.“ Justin Haarstrick, Storemanager
Luminaires are sociable creatures 
Whether in the house or in the garden, a single light alone is usually not enough to achieve the desired result, the desired mood. For this reason, it makes sense to combine a selection of different light sources. Thus, to the possibly already existing wall and path lights great floor and pendant lights can be ideally supplemented to create a great mood even in cozy sitting areas or at the garden table. For this purpose, the lights of the manufacturers MARSET, VIBIA, FOSCARINI and many more are excellent. Both the JAIMA and the CALA of the manufacturer MARSET can be fitted as a standing and also as a pendant version excellent in the most diverse outdoor areas. In terms of appearance, they could not be more different, but they have one thing in common in any case: they give off a wonderfully warm, diffused light through their fabric shades.
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Light to wear
Dive into our world of battery lights and get inspired for your home as well. Discover a variety of portable battery-powered lights from the manufacturers we have selected. Among them MARSET, &TRADITION, LOUIS POULSEN, FERMOB and WELTEVREE and many more. MARSET carries numerous variants of innovative battery lights.                                        Among them the BICOCA and the FOLLOW ME. The BICOCA, a small compact lamp with many unimagined great features. The small decorative and extremely practical lamp comes in 6 different, bright colors. In addition, it is dimmable and its head can be rotated and swiveled, so you can direct the light at will. If you come in the evening to rest and want to make it comfortable with a book, the BICOCA is ideal as a reading lamp. With the BICOCA, compactness merges with versatility. The FOLLOW ME, it was one of the first portable lights and thus opened the market of portable lighting objects. Thanks to its dimmable and swiveling lamp head, it is both practical and a real visual eye-catcher. The wide range of colors and sizes makes it versatile. Furthermore, with its simple, no-frills shape, it adapts to all environments and furnishings.
From the hand lamp to the chain of lights, there is something for every taste. And the best: all outdoor lights are waterproof and wireless. Each light – be it the BALAD, the APLO, the MOON, the INOUI or the HOOP – has something special about it that makes it so unique. Especially the BALAD is very popular due to its wide range of colors and sizes. It has an extremely long battery life of up to 16 hours and is therefore suitable for long, warm summer nights under the open sky with family or friends. So you can use it as a decorative and at the same time practical table lamp, or thanks to the lamp base as wayside lighting. So it is not surprising that the BALAD was awarded the “Etiole du Design” by Observeur du Design in 2017.
What could be more beautiful than a -over a beautifully set table, between the trees or simply stretched along the wall- string of lights?
With the HOOP from FERMOB you have exactly that and much more.
In addition, it is like some other outdoor lights also controllable with the FERMOB LIGHTING APP controlled via Bluetooth. So the chain can be switched on and off, as well as dimmed comfortably from the sofa via the cell phone.
FERMOB offers smart lights that are a true convenience for everyone. 
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The hand lamp Guidelight of WELTEVREE is a great companion most diverse situations, because it is besides pleasant environment   The string of lights Stringlight, designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for WELTEVREE consists of hand-blown, colored and coated glass shades that can remain outside all year round. It is reminiscent of a classic string of lights, but is many times less complicated, because you can leave it outside even in bad weather without it being immediately damaged like a conventional string of lights. In addition, thanks to the great colors, it makes the garden glow colorfully even at night.     „Die Stringlight verwandelt jeden Ort in einen besonderen Platz” (Floris Schoonderbeek)                  
Dimmable lights
Dimmable luminaires are particularly convenient, as they can adapt to the illumination level of natural light. This is an effective solution for battery lights in particular, as it allows you to save battery power by not having to use the light at full strength all the time. This automatically extends the battery life of the luminaire. But also the atmosphere can be changed quickly and easily with dimmable lamps.
ALuminaires can also be sustainable
Wir bei Mathes beschäftigen uns viel mit dem Thema Nachhaltigkeit und sind somit sehr darauf bedacht diese in möglichst vielen Bereichen zu berücksichtigen. So auch im BereiWe at Mathes deal a lot with the topic of sustainability and are therefore very keen to take this into account in as many areas as possible. This is also the case in the area of luminaires. For this reason, most lights are equipped with an LED bulb, which has a very long life and may also be exposed to cooler temperatures.