Cozy and stylish under the sun

Furnishing inspiration for your outdoor space

The design of garden, terrace and balcony is increasingly oriented to the interior. It should be cozy, comfortable and practical. And it should also meet the highest aesthetic standards. In the meantime, the outdoor area has come a long way from bare beer tent sets and dull plastic furniture. Thanks to modern materials and elegant designs, the new cosiness under the open sky can be easily implemented. We reveal which products our outdoor furnishers particularly like to use.
The interior design is increasingly reflected on the terrace. The open living and dining area in the house is more and more often extended by an outdoor area. Those who value high-quality furnishings in the interior will not want to do without them in the open air. The luxurious lounge corner, consisting of a comfortable outdoor sofa, armchair and coffee table, has long been a rather exotic sight in the garden. Generous cushions and textiles, exposed to the elements? That just didn’t seem very smart. New materials, however, make just that possible. Particularly in the area of high-quality products, outdoor furniture is now almost indistinguishable from its interior equivalents.
It should be inviting and homely
Whether for extended lunches with friends or a quiet spot to read in the shade, a garden, patio or balcony is a valuable bonus space in the warm season that should be appreciated with a coherent décor. The greenery outside usually plays the main role, but the outdoor spaces created for interaction or relaxation follow right behind. It should be inviting. This is ensured, for example, by benches and informal objects such as a fire bowl or an outdoor fireplace. Textiles provide coziness, from sofa cushions for the lounge sofa to outdoor rugs for a pleasant walking experience. Furnishing the outdoor area with high-end furniture and objects is one of the most effective ways to get the best out of the home green space. And yet it is not so easy to decide on the right garden furniture, because in addition to the aesthetic aspect, practicality plays a weighty role. The criteria for the garden are becoming more and more similar to those for the interior: it should be comfortable, of high quality, durable and representative. We have therefore asked our consultants for the most diverse furniture categories and collected the top products for you, which provide inspiration for the design of your own terrace or garden.
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The lounge area
A comfortable outdoor seating area where you can sit, lie down and relax is a must. We asked our consultants here at the site which products they think meet the requirements to turn your outdoor seating area into your favorite place. Among them is the Sunray sofa from Minotti. Combining outdoor living with the comfort and aesthetics of interiors is the basic idea behind the Sunray open-air landscape. The thoughtful design and the coziness resulting from the generous cushions create an intimate atmosphere of relaxation. The Senja sofa from Tribú is the perfect place to get cozy. The modular lounge program allows you to combine a one-, two- or three-seater module with high or low armrests. The matching Nordic cushions are piped and can easily withstand a rain shower thanks to the air-permeable, water-repellent filling. And finally, underlying the distinctive design of the Cala collection by Doshi-Levien for Kettal is the open rope weave, which not only stands out visually, but also functions as a kind of viewing window. The Cala 2-seater sofa has its very own expansive presence, which has a certain transparency thanks to the openwork surface.
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Nanimarquina’s rugs
To add a cozy and homey feel, rugs are an important part of a lounge area. At Nanimarquina, they’ve made an effort to offer an outdoor version of some of the most exciting and successful indoor rug collections. Like the textile gems from the interior, the Shade outdoor rugs exude exquisite simplicity through sophisticated color gradients. Behind this is a complex technical process. The fibers, made from 100% recycled PET, are woven particularly tightly together. Just like the colors in the sky at sunrise or sunset, the tones on the Shade Outdoor rugs blend gently, almost sensitively, into one another. And this now on the floor in the outdoor area.
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Furnish the second dining room – with inspiration from interior design
The dining room relentlessly grows outside and conquers the terrace and garden. The new outdoor furniture makes it possible. It’s about time, though. After decades of teak and rattan furniture, plump plastic objects and uncomfortable beer tent sets, style and comfort are finally moving into terraces, balconies and gardens. The new outdoor furniture no longer has much in common with classic garden chairs. They are specially designed for outdoor use, mostly waterproof, resistant to fading UV rays and in design and aesthetics primarily reminiscent of high-quality objects from the living area. Well-known manufacturers such as Minotti and Kettal provide a dignified, highly comfortable flair in the outdoor dining area. Cozy, Scandinavian design made of weather-resistant is the core idea of Illum chairs and tables by Tribú. Aluminum was used as the main material as an alternative to wood, with resilient Batyline for the seating design. Functionality comes first, yet this combination loses nothing in comfort and elegance. The gently sloping backrest provides an inviting look and seating comfort. The table with slender legs speaks a clear design language and is deliberately kept simple, with round profiles as a beautiful detail. Patricia Urquiola has developed a new, three-dimensional fabric for Kettal’s Vieques collection, which is formative for this modern chair and dining table combination. The armchairs are based on an aluminum frame whose transverse surfaces are covered with the 3D fabric. This gives them a very homely, inviting quality. The seating comfort is further enhanced by cushions. The tables, precisely because of their at first glance very solid look, blend harmoniously with the chair armchairs, which are also not delicately strung, to form a coherent picture.
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The outdoor area gets cozy
When people talk about outdoor areas, they often think directly of lounge or dining areas. However, daybeds and loungers have now become an integral part of the classic outdoor area, especially when set up on the edge of a pool or water fountain. A nice result: lounging in bed is now possible in the fresh air. Monica Armani gives the Tribú Pavilion a geometrically refined silhouette in powder-coated aluminum. The daybed for sunbathing and musing can be arranged according to taste – roof, back and curtains are optional. The frame is available in 2 colors, and two comfortable, rain- and UV-resistant outdoor cushions can be added to the durable seat in Batyline. The Landscape Lounger doesn’t want to stand out, but rather blend into its surroundings. The restrained, functional outdoor furniture from Kettal concentrates on the essentials. To achieve this, the company relies on outstanding quality in terms of materials and workmanship. Like a basic in the closet, this sun lounger is a reliable companion whose greatest strength is its versatility. Landscape adds order and structure to the outdoor area while providing a safe, shady spot. The parasol should not be forgotten. It is all the more important to give shade to a corner, so that one does not burn in the sun while relaxing and possibly falling asleep. For this purpose, the Ocean Master MAX cantilever chair is perfect. It combines art and technology to create a symphony of shadow and light. The polished and anodized canopy structure in sail quality is supported by a stable, oval-shaped mast inspired by sailing yachts. The high-quality sunshades provide generous shade over the dining area at midday and can later be easily closed over the table and chairs by an automatically extendable mast.
Extend the summer evenings outside
The summer evenings generally stay light longer but eventually the night comes and the need for light becomes more evident. Tribú’s Monsieur Tricot outdoor light, a collection of knitted and crocheted lighting elements, can transform the patio and garden into a magical place. The lights combine traditional techniques with high-performance materials and modern technology. Inspired by the fashion icons of his native Belgium, designer Ilia Eckardt experimented at the intersection of fashion and product design. The result is the Monsieur Lebonnet, Madame Latoque and Madame Cachet lamps.