Being home

A place that looks different for everyone

Your most personal place
We support the implementation of creative and bold plans for the home. So that this is the place where you can be completely with yourself – in all its complexities and facets. We show you here a few impressions of our references.
Mathes Magazin Homestory Eifeloase
Autumn – Winter Exhibition 2022/23
Visit our new autumn / winter exhibition in our furniture store at Büchel and in our Outdoor Store in Hall North 3. Discover new collections for indoor and outdoor as well as many great gift ideas for your loved ones.
Our home is, above all, the people with whom we share it. It’s the space it gives us and the rituals we cultivate there. A place that looks different for everyone and yet fills everyone with a comforting familiarity.
The home – refuge, stage and so much more
The way we live affects us as people and how we feel. But the home can embody so much more: pleasure, creativity, extravagance, individuality. It does not always function only as a place of retreat, but fulfills many different functions. It represents, it invites, it protects and warms. Hardly any other place has to fulfill more tasks. Everyone should be allowed to design these rooms according to personal ideas and requirements. After all, the private home reflects us as people, our experiences and our personalities, our philosophy and our travels.
“One’s home is a place that looks different for everyone, yet fills everyone with a comfortable familiarity.” Jonas Lillpopp, Furnishing Consultant
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Home is, above all, a familiar place. They are rooms that we know inside out, that are closer to us than any other place. We know the smell, the light at any time of day and every piece of furniture. Many classic furniture is similarly familiar to us. We’ve known them for decades, even when they’ve just moved into our homes. Because they are so familiar, they often blend into our homes so unpretentiously. Quite naturally, as if they had always been there. That’s what distinguishes many design classics; the ability to blend seamlessly into the interior.
Get inspired in our showroom for your home and discover different styles and brands for your very own look. Our interior consultants will be happy to advise you on individual products or entire furnishing concepts.