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Behind the Scenes – Part II

It is the little details that spice up the environment in which we live and work. Splashes of colour that make a living room shine. The lovingly staged design classic you always thought was special. It is the love for the little details that keeps motivating our team day after day.

We don't just display the most current interior design ideas and styles at our Aachen showroom. We want to demonstrate our own passion for memorable and sophisticated design. Interior design – to us, that means a love for the exceptional that makes all the difference. After all, it is the thoughtful details that add character and make us feel truly at home.

Watch our video to see, how we create new and inspiring concepts – one detail after another – at our Mathes Store.

"The trick is to not just formulate a specific style, but to present each theme with an eye for detail. Only then will people be able to imagine these ideas in their own four walls."

Thomas Mathes, Owner Mathes Store