HAY Dining Kampagne

The Dining campaign of HAY is the opportunity to give the dining area a fresh new look. Get 20% off select Dining furniture from HAY between 1.10 and 30.10.2021

Included in the HAY Dining campaign are chairs AAC 08, AAC 09, AAC 10, AAC 11, AAC 12, AAC 13, AAC 16, AAC 17, AAC 18, AAC 19, AAC 20, AAC 21, AAC 22, AAC 23, AAC 26, AAC 27,

AAC 21 Soft, AAC 121 Soft, AAC 121 Soft Duo, AAC 23 Soft, AAC 123 Soft, AAC 123 Soft Duo, 

AAC 27 Soft, AAC 127 Soft, AAC 127 Soft Duo, AAC 12 Eco, AAC 22 Eco,

Petit Standard, J41, J42, Revolt, Result, Neu 10, Neu 10 uph., Neu 12, Neu 12 uph., Neu 13, Neu 13 uph.,

Soft Edge 10, Soft Edge 10 uph., Soft Edge 12, Soft Edge 12 uph., Soft Edge P10, Soft Edge P10 uph.

Perfect to the Dining chair can be combined with a dining table from the Copenhague series by HAY. Whether round table top or square – the CPH 20, CPH 25, CPH 30 or CPH 30 extendable offers you the basis for a place of exchange and culinary creativity with loved ones. The campaign includes not only the CPH Dining Tables but also the Tilt Top, T12, New Order Table, Pyramid Table 01, Pyramid Table 02, AAT 10, AAT 15, AAT 20, CPH Deux 220, Triangle Leg, Loop Stand Table.

Our interior design experts will be happy to advise you. They will be happy to answer all your questions about furnishing.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you!

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