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Formakami Limited Edition

We are happy to announce: Mathes belongs to the exclusively selected circle of dealers who are allowed to show and sell the Limited Edition of the Formakami lamp by Jaime Haydn.

Renowned artist and designer Jaime Hayon has created a limited edition of his Formakami design for &Tradition. This unique edition of the JH5 pendant light is inspired by the traditional hand-painted lanterns of Kyoto, combined with Hayon’s signature bold colors and organic shapes.

Hayon explains the concept of this edition: “In Kyoto, the lanterns are traditionally painted by hand or with a silkscreen. They are then erected or hung and used for announcements or as signage. As a painter, I was inspired and guided by this concept to create something special for this collection. The idea remains the same, I simply honored a craft that has existed for centuries and applied my own skills to present it in a 21st century reality.

The &Tradition brand worked closely with Hayon to create a design that reflects his vibrant character. The result is a unique piece that combines traditional craftsmanship with Hayon’s contemporary artistic language. The Formakami Limited Edition Pendant features ivory white paper and black stained oak accents and an eye-catching design. Due to its limited status, each Formakami has its own number code stamped into the stained oak chambers.

With the purchase of this limited edition you have the opportunity to bring home a piece of Hayon’s artwork, which is an exclusive addition to any interior.

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