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All products manufactured by ames are created in partnership with Colombian artisans. The skill, knowledge and care of the artesanos and artesanas ensures the exceptional quality of the design furniture and accessories. The small and family-run ateliers manufacture by hand with raw materials mostly sourced from the country. For example, the PVC cords for the manufacturer’s furniture are made from recycled plastic. Scroll down to learn more about the traditional techniques used to create our collection.

COLOURFUL WEAVING The weaving technique the Colombian artesanos and artesanas use to create our Cielo, Caribe and Cartaganes furniture pieces is called “momposino”. This method is especially popular in the Santa Marta region on the Caribbean coast. The coloured strings are made from recycled PVC and are woven by hand around a fire-galvanised steel frame, creating different patterns.

ANCIENT POTTERY CRAFTS Ames collaborates for the production of all ceramics with two family-owned businesses based in Tolima. This province has been a centre for pottery making and ceramic production in Colombia for more than 300 years. Their workshops employ more than 70 people, many of them are family members, with specialists for each production stage – from clay digging to kiln firing to polishing.


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